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Why women in Islam wear hijab which is a piece of cloth wrap around her head. Wearing hijab simply is not enough, one should know the reason behind wearing it. The hijab or scarf simply is not appearance rather it is a veil which is connected to a veil behind the eyes.

Syria tudung

We have a wide variety of designs and colors syria hijab scarf with children with varying design very beautiful and easy to wear. fabric used is different from other syria.

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Toddlers immune to contagious yawning

CHILDREN under the age of four and those with autism appear to be immune from contagious yawning, the phenomenon where one person’s yawn triggers a chain reaction of open mouths, a study says. Researchers from the University of  Connecticut observed 120 typically developing one-to six-year-old and 30 six-to 15-year-old with autism spectrum disorders for the study, which was published in the journal, Child Development. They found that although babies yawn spontaneously even before they leave the womb, most children show no signs of succumbing to contagious yawning until they reach the age of four. Children with autism were likely to yawn contagiously than typically developing children with the same mental and chrnonological ages, and the more severe a child’s autism, the less likely he or she is yawn contagiously, the study also found. “Given that contagious yawning may be a sign of empathy, this study suggests that empathy and the mimicry that may underlie it develop slowly over the first few years of life, and that children with autism spectrum disorders may miss subtle cues that tie them emotionally to others,” the researchers said. Among adults, contagious yawning is almost epidemic: half of grown-ups do it, the study says.Read Children ebooks at Likino.